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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Aw, isn't Ziggy getting big...

Hehehe, this pic is classic :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A special post...

Just for my trolls... Whats up bitches ! I lub you snoochy poochies!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi all!!
Have you been watching the Olympics?
I don't have much to say about them except it is so cool to see such a variety of healthy womens bodies.
It kind of lets lay a lot of myths about health, fitness and the female form.
We see so many amazing atheletes and shock horror! They all look different!
There are the gazelle-like ladies of the high jump, the rotund powerful women of the shotput, the stocky and even stout water polo teams, the tiny, mighty forms of the gymnasts, there are older women giving it their all in events like archery and table tennis and have you seen the shoulders on the divers and swimmers? And how about all those muscles??
I love it all! Its sooo cool!

Here is an awesome post by one of my favourite bloggers Ren from Renegade Evolution on the abundance of female role models from the games.

Shot put
My body is beautiful!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad blogger, bad!

yeah yeah. I know. I suck.
Things are crazy busy around here recently though.
I hope you haven't forgotten about me! I'll get back into this blogging biz soon enough. Don't you worry :)

Here is one of my favourite things I thought I'd share with you in the meantime :)

Love yas!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8th 1982

I was born! Yay for being born. Thanks mum. Thanks dad.

I'm 26... closer to 30 than to 20...I never thought this day would come. Honestly.

I'll post some pics tmrw.

the birthday girl, not in her birthday suit. yet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What is consent?

What is consent? It is an interesting question. One that likes to be debated. One that most people still don't seem to have a good grasp on. I was pondering this question the other day and was reading one of my old zines (i love zines) and a little slip of paper fell out from between the pages answering the question for me.
I cannot and I am not taking credit for this. But would like to copy it out onto here for you all to read because it kick ass! There was no author or anything on the piece of paper and I consider it to be a meme thats purpose is to be passed around and to provide information to its readers...

Consent is an agreement that people must make if they want to have sexual contact. The issue of consent can be a complicated and ambiguous area that needs to be addresses with clear, open and honest communication. Keep these points in mind if you are not sure consent has been established:

All partners need to be fully concious and aware.
The use of alcohol or other substances can interfere with someone's ability to make clear desicions about the level of intimacy they are comfortable with. The more intoxicated a person is, the less they are able to give conscious consent.

All partners are equally free to act.
The decision to be sexually intimate must be without coercion. Both partneres must have the option to choose to be intimate or not. Both partners should be free to change "yes" to "no" at any time. Factors such as body size, previous victimization, threats to "put" someone, and other fears can prevent an individual from freely consenting.

All partners clearly communicate thier willingness and permission.
Willingness and permission must be communicated clearly and unambiguously. Just because a person fails to resist sexual advances does not mean that they are willing. Consent is not the absense of the word "no".

All partners are positve and sincere in their desires.
It is important to be honest in communicating feelings about consent. If one person states their desires, the other person can make informed decisions about the encounter.


- you are never entitled.
- communicating.
- hitting on them before they're drunk.
- knowing your own boundaries and asserting them.
- asking if they want to be touched, and if yes, asking how.
- stopping in the middle of whatever you are doing if they say so.
- asking "Is this ok?" or "Do you like this?" throughout the experience.
- never assuming that just because they had sex (or a specific sex act) with you before, they want to do it with you again.
- being responsible.
- not punishing them because they won;t have sex with you.
- paying attention and stopping when you realise something is wrong.
- many different things to different people.
- enjoying yourself and your partner.
- more than what can be defined on a blog post.

consent is sexy

"Lisa" ad...Blaming the victim... an update...

So I was really, really pleased to find out a few weeks ago that I am not the only one who is mad about this ad campaign and who is blogging about it. I discovered a wonderful blog called The Hand Mirror (thanks Nikki).
The women on that blog were equally ouraged by this atrocious ad and started writing letters to ALAC and ASA asking for answers and for the ad to be pulled. They of course got basically the brush off from ALAC. The subject raised a lot of discourse on the site and many women came forward to share thier stories.
They started a Facebook group about it, which I encourage you to join.
The latest movement on the subject was that bFM did a whole show on it on their show The Wire. Which I thought was brilliant...
If you want to follow the whole saga HERE is a link that takes you to most of The Hand Mirrors posts about the "Lisa" ad, including links to the bFM podcasts of The Wire which are well worth listening to. Also from that link, they have link to other blogs in the NZ feminist blogsphere that have written on the subject. Check them out...

NOW, here is an interesting development. I was watching an old video tape today. I think it was from around 1997 (there was an ad for Men in Black ;)) and on those old video tapes are old ads. Well one of the first ones I spotted was an ALAC ad. Can you see where I am going with this??
The ad starts with a pair of teenage girls entering a typical wild teen party. They drink, they dance, they flirt, the action start to follow one girl in particular who is shown drinking more and more. She and a young man fall drunkenly into a bedroom, she ends up on the bed, the boy gets on top of her, she tries to fight him off but passes out...the ad shows the boy unzipping her dress at that point the ad pauses then rewinds to a shot of the girl having a drink and the words "Where's that drink taking you?" are emblazoned across the screen.

So again, 10 years earlier ALAC has already done this - created an advertising campaing that single-handedly blames the victim, alienates rape/sexual-assualt victims, and is bloody-mindedly sexist.
I can't seem to find this ad online anywhere or reference to it anywhere on ALAC's site. But after viewing it I remembered it and the other ones in the series (oh there is always a series).

No wonder rape/sexual assault is the most underreported crime in the country with messages like that being bandied about. Who wants to walk into the police station or hospital and here "You were drunk! You were asking for it!!" ?

I'm back!!!

More tonight!! Yay I missed yoU!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Dear faithful readers ;)

Me and the Z's are moving this weekend so I probably won't be able to update my blog too much til we are in the new house!
But don't forget about me! I will be back!
Here is a pretty picture to look at until I return.
Love yas!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Censoring myself...

I learnt a lesson... don't blog when you've been drinking... ;)

I have a secret...

I love Meatloaf...(the singer)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Quote

One of my pet peeves is people who describe being gay/queer as a "lifestyle" or "lifestyle choice". Actually it makes me pretty angry. These reasons are obvious to you intelligent readers of my blog :)
Anyway, I was reading a Sacramento News & Review and there was a a short critique of the film "For The Bible Tells Me So" by columnist Kel Munger.

He hit the nail on the head with this quote from the review:

"Hint: Lifestyles are "active", "sedentary", "outdoorsy", "bookish", "organic", "sporty", or "high-tech" - things like that. Being gay? Thats life"

Homophobia Symbol

Ziggy Thursdays... (yay)

So my boy is obssessed with my make-up. He can open my purse get my compact out andsmear the stuff all over his body in about 3 seconds flat. I have this one compact that is a lipstick/blush - the make-up is really red and quite staining. In the last week or so he has 'found' it 3 times and gotten in all over him. He appears to like rubbing it in his hair the best. But his hair is very blond so the make-up stains it pinky/red... Heres some pics of his handiwork!!
make-up hands
nice hair
cheeky monkey
He did this himself. I promise you i did not dye my kids hair. On the upside he looks really, really cute. Especially when I put it in pigtails ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am totally creeped out right now.

Ok. This is freaky. I am sitting here typing this in my quiet house (the boys are in bed) and my keystrokes are giving me chills.

Heres the story. A few nights ago me and Zach were sitting around watching TV. I thought I heard something and turned the volume on mute. Yes, there was something. It was a faint musical toy sound. Playing over and over. You know the kind? Electronic, battery-operated, with a simple melody. I recognized the music but couldn't for the life of me attribute it to any of Ziggys toys. We and Zach had a look around and couldn't find where the sound was coming from. It was faint but you could definatly hear it. Over and over it played. Finally we gave up searching and turned the TV back on, thinking that it was probably from a toy we had forgotten about having - nappy brain and all that....

So tonight I was checking through our voicemail messages and checked the saved ones. Here is the creepy part. There is a message saved on my phone of the SAME MUSIC playing over and over again. There is nothing else, no one talking, nothing. It plays for about 2 minutes then the music/message stops. I remember getting it last week, thinking it was wierd but explainable and saving it. This is where I recognized the same tune from several nights later.

What is going on? I am quite freaked out about this. The music is so creepy and the fact that it seems to be haunting me!?!? Zach swears he is not playing a trick on me. I doubt somehow that my phone could have dailed up the voicemail and gotten into the saved messages and started playing that message by itself, so it can't be that.

I am trying to rational with my explanations for this happening but I am just getting the most scary feeling about it.

Its like something out of a horror movie. Seriously. This is wierd. What is going on????

The Business of Being Born

I finally got to watch this movie last night. I thought it was an excellent film but also extremely scary. I am in the process of writing something about it. Just wanted to let you know ;)
In the meantime gaze at a pic of the glory that is a newborn Ziggy ;) (any excuse to post of picture of him really)


The internets sure are funny...

Today I got flamed on one of the forums I frequent. Its usually not that big a deal when I get flamed. I can flame with the best of them. It was just unexpected as the atmosphere of said forum just doesn't really support flaming and fighting.

I'll tell you about it aye? There was a big long thread with people posting the things they would have hard time accepting about their child. Other than the obvious ones ie murdering, raping etc

The thread just did not sit right with me from the beginnning. It just seems like a useless endeavor. I don't know about you, but I have better things to do with my time than sitting around thinking about the things that I my child *could* do in the future that would dissapoint me. And even if I did think of these things I just can't get the point of posting them up on a message board for the world to see. There was no real discussion involved. Just list after list of peoples prejudices put in words and applied hypothetically to their children.

So anyway, I couldn't get this thread out of my mind. I thought about it all night. But tried my hardest to avoid it the next day. But there it was 9 pages long and still going strong. I HAD to say something. I did. I said kind of sarcastically that we should start a thread listing all the things we think our kids might have a hard time accepting about us. Just to illustrate the irony and pointlessness of it all.

WELL! I might as well of posted that they were all horrible parents whos babies were ugly!! I got called rude, obnoxious, told to leave, and admonished for using a 'rolling your eyes' smiley (the FIRST time I have ever used it).
I also got told that basically I am intolerant (HAH!) and not kind or gentle in my parenting (how THE FUCK would they know).

Someone also insulted my blog. NOOoooOOooOOO!! My precious blog. hehehe. Oh well. Each to their own I suppose. "Nice blog" is what was said, snarky-like. Hmmmm... Man some people can be real pieces of work doncha think? Insult me all you want but fuck off insulting my personal writing. You are just being immature.

The thread kind of ending after that (up with thread-killing) and we all kind of laughed at this EXCELLENT cartoon that was posted up near the end.

wrong on the internet
(thanks to for use of the image)

I should just not worry. And I'm not. I just thought it was kind of funny.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Shortland St Roundup...


Oh shit, I missed Friday night! What happened to Scotty?? I will have check out the StreetTalk site and their hilarious forums ;)
But here are my observations for the week none-the-less...

Hunter is a shmuck.

Is anyone else disappointed that Maia isn't breastfeeding? Or attached to her child in any way? Maybe she had PPD?

On the topic of Maia baby it is really starting to piss me off how everyone is saying how much he looks like Mark. He doesn't look a thing like Mark. They could of got a baby actor that looked a LITTLE like him don't you think?

What happened to Scotty? Can anyone fill me in??


Friday, May 16, 2008

WTF!! Another fucking thing that has to be pretty?!?!?

I am so annoyed right now. Why? I just saw the stupid Dove Deodorant "sleeveless ready" ad.
Goddamnitt, is there no end to the things we females are 'supposed' to make look pretty to mingle with general society. I have NEVER heard of 'sleeveless ready' before and I have read A LOT of Cosmos. Are thier people that actually won't wear a singlet in public becuase they don't think their underarms are nice enough?
Or is this another clever marketting device targetting womens low self-esteem about their bodies?
So now after my boob job, tummy tuck, botox and lip job. After my mani, pedi and facial. After my high heeled shoes and gym membership I am supposed to fucking make my armpits look lovely before donning after a tank top!???!?

I like my armpits big and bushy so perhaps I am missing something. But seriously. Have you ever even thought about being 'sleeveless ready'??

It is also a let-down as I quite like Dove and the efforts they are making through their Campaign for Real Beauty and their Self-Esteem Fund. But this seems like it really going in the oppisite direction.

Ladies our slef-esteem does not reside in our armpits. Although I did used to be proud flashing around my pits when they were nice and hairy ;)

sleeveless ready

YAY!! Civil Right Victory in California!!

The California Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is legal in California! This is great news! One day everyone will have to right to marry the person they love. I am glad California has taken this step, I hope more will follow.

Here is a link to an article about the ruling in the San Fransisco Chronicle

and here is a link to the courts 172 page ruling!
(thanks to Dylan for the heads up and link)

Gay Marriage