Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The internets sure are funny...

Today I got flamed on one of the forums I frequent. Its usually not that big a deal when I get flamed. I can flame with the best of them. It was just unexpected as the atmosphere of said forum just doesn't really support flaming and fighting.

I'll tell you about it aye? There was a big long thread with people posting the things they would have hard time accepting about their child. Other than the obvious ones ie murdering, raping etc

The thread just did not sit right with me from the beginnning. It just seems like a useless endeavor. I don't know about you, but I have better things to do with my time than sitting around thinking about the things that I my child *could* do in the future that would dissapoint me. And even if I did think of these things I just can't get the point of posting them up on a message board for the world to see. There was no real discussion involved. Just list after list of peoples prejudices put in words and applied hypothetically to their children.

So anyway, I couldn't get this thread out of my mind. I thought about it all night. But tried my hardest to avoid it the next day. But there it was 9 pages long and still going strong. I HAD to say something. I did. I said kind of sarcastically that we should start a thread listing all the things we think our kids might have a hard time accepting about us. Just to illustrate the irony and pointlessness of it all.

WELL! I might as well of posted that they were all horrible parents whos babies were ugly!! I got called rude, obnoxious, told to leave, and admonished for using a 'rolling your eyes' smiley (the FIRST time I have ever used it).
I also got told that basically I am intolerant (HAH!) and not kind or gentle in my parenting (how THE FUCK would they know).

Someone also insulted my blog. NOOoooOOooOOO!! My precious blog. hehehe. Oh well. Each to their own I suppose. "Nice blog" is what was said, snarky-like. Hmmmm... Man some people can be real pieces of work doncha think? Insult me all you want but fuck off insulting my personal writing. You are just being immature.

The thread kind of ending after that (up with thread-killing) and we all kind of laughed at this EXCELLENT cartoon that was posted up near the end.

wrong on the internet
(thanks to xkcd.com for use of the image)

I should just not worry. And I'm not. I just thought it was kind of funny.

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Jessica said...

Yeah, I didn't get mixed up in THAT thread!! Whew...seemed like dangerous turf right there!! And I LOVED that cartoon! Bwahahaha!!! I have SO actually done that before!