Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ziggy Thursdays... (yay)

So my boy is obssessed with my make-up. He can open my purse get my compact out andsmear the stuff all over his body in about 3 seconds flat. I have this one compact that is a lipstick/blush - the make-up is really red and quite staining. In the last week or so he has 'found' it 3 times and gotten in all over him. He appears to like rubbing it in his hair the best. But his hair is very blond so the make-up stains it pinky/red... Heres some pics of his handiwork!!
make-up hands
nice hair
cheeky monkey
He did this himself. I promise you i did not dye my kids hair. On the upside he looks really, really cute. Especially when I put it in pigtails ;)

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