Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi all!!
Have you been watching the Olympics?
I don't have much to say about them except it is so cool to see such a variety of healthy womens bodies.
It kind of lets lay a lot of myths about health, fitness and the female form.
We see so many amazing atheletes and shock horror! They all look different!
There are the gazelle-like ladies of the high jump, the rotund powerful women of the shotput, the stocky and even stout water polo teams, the tiny, mighty forms of the gymnasts, there are older women giving it their all in events like archery and table tennis and have you seen the shoulders on the divers and swimmers? And how about all those muscles??
I love it all! Its sooo cool!

Here is an awesome post by one of my favourite bloggers Ren from Renegade Evolution on the abundance of female role models from the games.

Shot put
My body is beautiful!

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Renegade Evolution said...

I love the olympics, glad you enjoyed the post!