Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Shortland St Roundup...


Oh shit, I missed Friday night! What happened to Scotty?? I will have check out the StreetTalk site and their hilarious forums ;)
But here are my observations for the week none-the-less...

Hunter is a shmuck.

Is anyone else disappointed that Maia isn't breastfeeding? Or attached to her child in any way? Maybe she had PPD?

On the topic of Maia baby it is really starting to piss me off how everyone is saying how much he looks like Mark. He doesn't look a thing like Mark. They could of got a baby actor that looked a LITTLE like him don't you think?

What happened to Scotty? Can anyone fill me in??



Anonymous said...

As Scotty was immobilized in the vice-like grip of his assaillant, the scissor blade pressed into his throat, bleeding heavily from the woumd in his side, and despite the bellowing of his captor - he dramatically and touchingly declare his undying love to Shanti.
Shanti had managed to poke her head around the a high security situation. Golly gosh.
Then Kip came along and took charge, culminating in a violent
struggle.... Scotty was freed! Shanti and Scotty fell into each other's arms and are now inseperable, snogging and everything despite not having said anything to the big 'S'. His Royal Indian Self, is right royally miffed and is muttering about shame and "talking of shame ain't seen nothing yet!" So the rocky road of Love is not going to turn into a freeway anytime soon.
Judging Hunter will get you nowhere.. I think they'll sue his ass off as financial problems are his way of life.
The baby is of Pacific origins and looks nothing at all like anyone! That had to be in the script in order to convince Alice that she couldn't pass off Guy's baby as what's his name's. Yes.. she is detached.. Libby was babysitting and locked herself out of the flat with the baby inside with a hot iron... boyfriend to the rescue..conversation about whether they want kids.. Keiran squemish, quelle surprise! They thought baby had swallowed an earing and took to A&E had an x-ray.. "thanks for looking after him so well" (!?!?!?) Mia or Mumma Mia!

Have a hairy day!

C.C. said...

Thanks for the rundown!! Your description was even more enjoyable than actually watching the show!!!
Wow! You miss and night you miss a lot huh? I'll have to watch the omnibus on Sunday morny.
How did Libby lock herself out. Is this poor baby doomed?
So its back to the Scotty/Shanti lovefest. I hope Scotty is a bit nicer to Shanti this time :)