Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I don't want a "Chrisco" Chistmas....

When I was growing up I was bombarded by ads about Chrisco Christmas Hampers. It was clear to my young brain that if my family wanted a plentiful and stress-free christmas
we would have to order one of these magical baskets. (I don't know why I stressed so much, we did Hannukah not xmas;))

The idea is, you pay a few dollars a week to Chrisco and at Christmas time a wonderful hamper full of everything you'd ever want turns up at the door. No stressful saving, no awful supermarket trips, just everything you'd need for a lovely time with your family.

Anyway, now I am older my letterbox is bombarded with all the latest Chrisco mailers.And I am not so impressed by them. Not impressed at all. What is even less impressive is somehow this particular catalog has insinuated itsself into New Zealand culture and is now as kiwi as gumboots and pineapple fritters.

Chrisco now not only offer food baskets. Like this winner...
Full of just about everything processed and refined that you can find in your local supermarket...FOR ONLY $30.48 per week!!! WOW!!

But you can buy also buy your toys, homeware, gifts and toiletries through them.
Quality items, like this...
chrisco shite
FOR ONLY $2.40 per week!! Finally my dog can lounge just like Heff!

They have tonnes more stuff offered and once you order a hamper, toys for the kids, liquor for Uncle Bruce, new HSV sheets and towels for dad, a dressing gown and kitty-cat tote bag for mum you could EASILY be sending these people a couple hundred dollars a week, every week, for the year.

The sad fact of the matter is that these Chrisco christmas hampers are complete rip-offs. They prey on people in low socio-economic circumstances. They tell you that its easier just to pay a little more than have to worry about saving.

The items in the hampers and especially the ones I saw in their latest "Toys and Gifts" catalog are low quality and tacky. Most of the stuff in the gifts catalog looks like you could get it from the $2 shop for $2 instead of the outrageous $30-$40 dollars they are pinning on this crap (no offense to any $2 shop owners;)). Don't believe me...Order one yourself. The catalogs will never stop coming!!

But the public is onto them.
Chrisco has recently been taken to court over charges off false advertising and hidden costs. See this article from the Herald.
They have also been investigated by the Commerce Commission. See this article from Stuff.co.nz

And you know what else really pisses me off. The founders of this crappy company, Ruth and Richard Bradley, own the BIGGEST HOUSE IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!

This $30mil monstrosity!!! fuck you house

So even here in lovely Aotearoa. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. The rich get rich off of the poor getting poor. And at the end of the day, people like me end up with a couple packets of soggy tim-tams while Mr. and Mrs. Bradley luxuriate in Coatesville!! (where ever that is?)

After seeing that house can one not think that perhaps there is just a little more darkness going on than just Chrisco "trying to help you save for a magical Christmas"?