Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am totally creeped out right now.

Ok. This is freaky. I am sitting here typing this in my quiet house (the boys are in bed) and my keystrokes are giving me chills.

Heres the story. A few nights ago me and Zach were sitting around watching TV. I thought I heard something and turned the volume on mute. Yes, there was something. It was a faint musical toy sound. Playing over and over. You know the kind? Electronic, battery-operated, with a simple melody. I recognized the music but couldn't for the life of me attribute it to any of Ziggys toys. We and Zach had a look around and couldn't find where the sound was coming from. It was faint but you could definatly hear it. Over and over it played. Finally we gave up searching and turned the TV back on, thinking that it was probably from a toy we had forgotten about having - nappy brain and all that....

So tonight I was checking through our voicemail messages and checked the saved ones. Here is the creepy part. There is a message saved on my phone of the SAME MUSIC playing over and over again. There is nothing else, no one talking, nothing. It plays for about 2 minutes then the music/message stops. I remember getting it last week, thinking it was wierd but explainable and saving it. This is where I recognized the same tune from several nights later.

What is going on? I am quite freaked out about this. The music is so creepy and the fact that it seems to be haunting me!?!? Zach swears he is not playing a trick on me. I doubt somehow that my phone could have dailed up the voicemail and gotten into the saved messages and started playing that message by itself, so it can't be that.

I am trying to rational with my explanations for this happening but I am just getting the most scary feeling about it.

Its like something out of a horror movie. Seriously. This is wierd. What is going on????


pinkies.in.the.fog said...

Hey sweetcheeks! I've encountered "spirits" all my life..but never music. Maybe you could submit your experience to this website and see if people respond to you. I hope you do! http://www.ghostvillage.com/encounters/submit.shtml


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ah, call me a skeptic but I could figure a logical explanation.

Maybe someone (Ziggy?) dialled your home number on the phone and abandoned it, hence leaving the message. Which you then played and saved. Can you check your dialled calls and see if you called yourself the same time the message was recorded? Or Zach's phone? (if he has one?) Or if it wasn't a cell, I think the phone could call itself if your home number was stored... or redialled?

HRmmm... and the toy (or whatever it is) must be somewhere around the place. Hope the batteries go flat soon ;)